Mist Spa(Jumeira Branch) (Dubai)

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    Website: http://mistspadubai.com
    Phone: 04 385 6558
    Other Contact Methods: Fax : 04 385 6583
    Address: Villa No. 257-B, Al Wasl Road, Jumeira 1
    Open Hours: Sat - Thu (10:00 AM - 11:59 PM)
    Massage Service: Foot Massage, Full Body Massage, Thai Massage, Others
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    Well-versed in the muscle-mending methods and ache-averting approaches through a gamut of techniques, the expert soothers of Mist Spa will gladly provide clients needed relief and escape from stress and tension bequeathed by the daily grind. Offering a variety of treatments and massage services designed to comfort and relieve muscle, nerve and body tension, this high-end villa spa is an ideal refuge for worn out.
    One of the best in this area, after visiting so many spas all over the world, I can say it is really amazing. You can expect everything perfect here, the great massage, super kind staffs. i would recommend the hot stone massage which is a MUST try here.   The Swedish is also worth to experience once.
    It is a Villa and definitely an amazing spa in Dubai. The environment inside is so soothing which makes it a real mist. The interior of it is so pleasant, and the staffs are super friendly and kind. Not to mention the high-quality massage serivce, and the facilities are well-equipped, especially the clean bathroom and toilets. And the cleanliess made me more comfortable there, and I will repeat for sure.
    It is a mixed spa in JTL, the massage was OK, I booked the hot stone massage, and before that, my therapist offered a hand massage first, and I felt she wasn't so delicated into it. I may not come back again, especially there is man inside.
    Awesome!! Went there yesterday for an amazing hot stone massage, I got the best service, the staffs are super nice, and it got my full marks which definitely worth to experience again and again!
    I've tried so many spas in Dubai, and I can say it is the best I had. The staffs are so professioanl which must been trained very hard. i had a complete relaxing hot ball massage, my muscles feel like got the full relaxation totally. The atmopshere is very nice, giving me a real time to enjoy myself. The only thing I want to complain about is the time, my session ended 10 mins earlier, beyond that, everything was perfect!
    Definitely a fantastic place to go. I first tried hot stone massage and it was the best experienced I've had in Dubai. It's always my favoraite and I will keep it up.
    Pretty amaxing experience there, I had the 80-min body rub which finished in only 60mins, however, it was nice with appropriate strength. Upon questioning, she offered me extra 20 mins foot massage. Anmy way, the massage is great, and i will try it again in the near future. 
    I really enjoy my time there, the great interior decoration, friendly staffs wearing big smiles and reasonable price. It is a must try in this area, and you won't be disappoint. I had Thai massage before, and it was the heaven of bliss!
    Mist Spa was just near Iranian Hospital. Although there are many other choices, Mist is definitely teh best for me. I love their elegant decoration, the female therapists are all from Thailand with professional skills. I've been here for times, and love it so much!
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